Production Technologies and Equipment

Modern new technologies for the manufacture of industrial plastic products determine the characteristics and applications of final products.

Polyethylene (PE), polypropylene (PP), polyethylene terephthalate (PET), polystyrene (PS), and high impact polystyrene (HIPS) are usually used for the manufacture of caps, bottles, and various kinds of plastic films.

What is an extruder?

Extruders are considered an integral part of all routine processes for producing thermoplastic (resin) parts. At all production stages, the extruder directs melted polymeric materials to a die and a mold. Granular polymeric materials along with additives such as masterbatches mixed by vacuum systems (hopper) enter the feeder and then the barrel. At this stage, granules are melted along the rotating screw by applying a certain heating profile. The resulting melt uniformly enters the die or the mold, and the manufacturing process is started by modern machinery.

Blow molding machine

This machine is used for producing various kinds of bottles and gallons. When materials leave the die and enter the mold, two halves of the mold are closed and cut by a cold or hot blade. The compressed air is then blown into the mold through the upper part of the bottle neck or blow pin. After inflating the hot plastic material inside the mold, it is cooled down to take the bottle shape and to be strengthened.

Various kinds of bottles with different weights and volumes are produced by the blow molding machine using different polymeric materials such as PE and PP.

Modern 3-layer blow molding machines equipped with Parison Control are used for bottle production in Sepehr Plastic Padideh Co.

Stretch blow molding machine

Semi-automatic and automatic stretch blow molding machines (preform blowing) are used in the PET bottle production line. Preforms produced by the preform injection machine are preheated by the furnace, and then molded under the compressed air (40 bar).

This machine is used for producing single- and two-cavity bottles with different volumes and specific shapes.

Injection molding machine

This machine is used for producing caps, valves, sprays, and other products used in the pharmaceutical and food industries. Polyethylene and polyethylene terephthalate are mixed with the masterbatch by a mixer and then transferred to the hopper (by vacuum) and the barrel. After applying the heating profile, the melt is injected to the mold to take the shape of mold cavities and finally cools down. Eventually, the mold is opened, and plastic parts are removed by an ejector.

This machine is used for producing various kinds of caps, valves (concentrate pump spray) and sprays of different dimensions, handles, and special parts used in pharmaceutical products such as ampoule caps and syringe parts in a hygienic environment in compliance with regulations specified by Standard Office.

FCS double-color injection machine

Preform and PET injection machine

The first stage of the PET bottle production is to produce PET preforms through injection.

Injection machines are used in Sepehr Plastic Padideh Co. for producing various kinds of preforms of different shapes and weights, specific preforms of different shapes, preforms used in the detergent, food, and pharmaceutical industries, and anti-irradiation preforms with a precise weighing system (≥0.01%) by the following process.

Ultrafine PET granules are directed to the dryer chamber by the vacuum system to be de-humified and dried at a high temperature (140-170°C). The dried PET granules are then melted and injected by the injection molding machine to produce PET preforms.

The stretch blow molding machine preheats preforms produced by the preform injection machine to take the mold shape under the compressed air. Semi-automatic and automatic PET blow molding machines are used in the production line of single- and two-cavity bottles of different volumes and bottles of specific shapes.

Film blowing extruder

The melt passes through the film blowing extruder and enters a large die and then the blowing section. The film is stretched to some extent by applying cold air to increase its orientation and strength in addition to elongation. Eventually, large film rolls are collected to be prepared for subsequent processes such as stitching, printing, and packaging. The film blowing extruder in Hekmataneh Arvin Plast Co. (in Hamedan) is used for producing various kinds of plastic films used in packaging industrial and agricultural products, plastic films, freezer bags, tablecloths, and degradable films.

Child lock cap production

Child lock or childproof caps are specifically designed for children to be not easily opened. Such caps should be pressed downward to be opened. This kind of caps is used in the manufacture of hazardous products for children.

Helio online printing machines

This machine is used for printing while producing tablecloths, plastic bags, and so on. Helio printing system (Heliogravure) transmits images by rotary metal gravures.

Six-color Flexo printing machine

There different types of Flexo printing machines, but the main types include Flexo machines for printing on pasteboard boxes and labels, and the machines for printing on nylon, plastic bags, and so on.

Stitching and packaging machines

These machines are used for stitching, cutting, and perforating PE films to convert them into roll and sheet and perforated and non-perforated products such as roll tablecloths, garbage bags, and roll, sheet, and easy-to-use freezer bags.

Injection Stretch Blow Molding (ISBM)

ISBM is similar to the injection blow molding machine with this difference that the preform is slightly heated and stretched in the longitudinal and radial directions before air blowing to shape the final plastic product. In this way, amorphous chains are stretched and oriented leading to the formation of a different kind of crystallization. Polymer chains are leveled and oriented in the stress direction to apply a linearly ordered structure across the stress zone. Extended chains or stress-induced crystallization improve the mechanical strength of the final product. Stretch blow molding and injection blow molding processes are extensively used in the production of various kinds of bottles (in particular PET bottles) such as bottles of carbonated soft drinks, sauces, cosmetics, shampoos, pharmaceutical products, and personal care products. This machine is used by Sepehr Plastic Padideh Co. for producing various kinds of child bottles.