Producing Industrial Plastic Parts

in 2011 Sepehr Plastic Padideh Co. began producing industrial plastic parts including preforms, PET bottles and caps. After many years since then, Sepehr Plastic is still among the most reputable and top-ranked producers and exporters of plastic parts in Iran.

Household Products

in 2016 Landi Household products were added to Sepehr Plastic Padideh Co. production line. The company started its activities in this field by producing disposable tablecloths and freezer and garbage bags, and the company was soon on par with the leading rivals in this field.

Pico Plast Products

in 2017 Pico Plast products were added to the Sepehr Plastic Padideh Co. cellulose products. The company began producing Pico Plast garbage bags, freezer bags, and disposable tablecloths that are supplied to households via Ofogh Koorosh chain stores

Development of Landi Products

This was the year Landi products were developed. Sepehr Plastic Padideh Co. unveiled its new products, including various types of Landi dishwashing pads, steel wool, multipurpose cleaning cloths, economy drawstring garbage bag, and high-quality single-roll quick-tie garbage bag with strong stitching. These were added to the consumer basket of Iranian households. London Pico Plast garbage bags were also produced and supplied to the market.

Easy-to-Use Box Freezer Bags

Landi easy-to-use box freezer bags with a new design and high production quality were supplied to the market. This new product quickly became one of the most consumed products in Iranian households.

Disposable Gloves

in 2020 With the spread of coronavirus around the world and in Iran, Arvin Plast Hekmataneh Co., a subsidiary of Sepehr Plastic Co., produced and distributed Landi and Pico Plast disposable gloves to help protect family health and prevent the spread of coronavirus.