Mold Design Advice

Innovation and technological advances in any country owe to research and development activities that play a key role in the economic growth and development. There is currently a great interest in R&D around the world, so that industrialized and developing countries allocate a large share of their revenues and workforce to R&D activities. The manufacture of high-quality products, processes, new services, and advanced systems are the results of R&D activities as vital resources of economic progress.

Research and Development (R&D) Department of Sepehr Plastic Padideh Holding is considered a fundamental pillar in the design, development, and promotion of high-quality products. R&D Department puts utilization of experienced specialists, cooperation with accredited centers, the use of up-to-date resources, and advanced equipment on its agenda to achieve predetermined goals. Moreover, R&D Department provides technical consulting services regarding product design, modeling, and software simulation.

Technical Consulting

Before starting any project, our experts determine the path and the general concept of the project through technical consulting. The following items are evaluated and determined in the technical consulting meetings:

  1. Product design and production goals
  2. Definition of the target market and preliminary definitions regarding product marketing
  3. Determination of the general product form (shape) and grams per square meter (GSM)
  4. Determination of distribution limitations
  5. Determination of financial limitations
  6. Determination of the control sample (benchmark) (if available)
  7. Scheduling and financial estimation of the project


The design process begins after specifying the general concept of the project. Customers are fully aware of the design process so that this process continues based on their marketing demands.

  1. The preliminary design of the product based on the concept specified in the technical consulting meetings
  2. Preparation of a graphical model (render) of the preliminary design
  3. Preparation of a 3D model, and receiving viewpoints for probable modifications at customer request
  4. Summarizing viewpoints (and applying probable modification) and presenting the final detailed design of the product
  5. Preparation of the graphical model (render) of the final design from different views and colors
  6. Preparation of the maquette by a 3D printer
  7. Submitting the 3D maquette to obtain the approval for final product design
  8. The design of the product mold for designing plastic products
  9. Presenting the final product design and mold design to the mold construction unit to begin mold construction

It is noteworthy that products ordered by customers are designed with the help of Catia, Solid works, and Rhinoceros. Some samples designed in R&D Department are displayed below:

  • Design of industrial parts
  • Design of plastic bottle and cap
  • Design of laboratory and industrial equipment
  • Design of injection, blow, and PET molds
  • Preparation of the product maquette by a 3D printer

Technical analysis and simulation

At this stage, the designed product is analyzed and simulated as follows at customer request:

  1. Finite element analysis and modeling
  2. Simulating static (and dynamic, if necessary) loading of the product
  3. Simulation of the bottle drop test
  4. Calculating and simulation the static line of bottles
  5. Reporting simulation and technical analysis results

Depending on the design type, technical analysis and simulation are performed with the help of Solid works, Ansys, and Ls-Dyna.

Research fields in Sepehr Plastic Padideh R&D Department

Sepehr Plastic Padideh R&D Department mainly focuses on the improvement and optimization of industrial parts, machines and molds, optimization of plastic part production processes, and the use of biodegradable polymers in the plastic industry. Sepehr Plastic Padideh R&D Department has always had close relationships with experts and craftsmen in this regard. According to organizational policies, Sepehr Plastic Padideh is always ready to cooperate with academic and industrial centers in the above-mentioned fields.

Below, some research activities supported by the company for promoting the scientific level of Iran’s plastic industry with the help of craftsmen and academics are presented:

  • A research project on the use of biodegradable polymeric materials in the plastic industry
  • A research project on the use of reinforced nanocomposites (thermosets and thermoplastics) in the plastic industry
  • A research project on the preparation of polymeric reinforced filaments by a 3D printer
  • A research project on the construction of handle PET molds, that its technology is exclusively in hands of a country
  • A research project on the optimization of design methods for plastic bottles to increase throwing resistance
  • A research project on the manufacture of medicinal products