Mold Construction

Mold Construction Section

Specialized in designing, constructing, and repairing all kinds of plastic part molds using modern machinery and design software, Sepehr Plastic Padideh Co. Mold Construction Unit help you to realize your business ideas and plans in the best possible way. This unit is mainly specialized in designing and repairing PET, injection, and blow molds.

Upon completion of the mold design process in the Research and Development (R&D) Department, the mold is constructed in the mold construction unit. Multiple meetings are held in R&D and Mold Construction Units to achieve the best result regarding the mold design and construction through exchanging technical views. These meetings are usually accompanied with the technical review of the product map, construction process, and required equipment. The work process in the mold construction unit is as follows:

  • Receiving the mold design from R&D unit
  • Technical review of the plan
  • Obtaining approval for mold construction
  • Evaluating and preparing required materials and equipment
  • Mold construction

In addition to constructing and repairing molds (injection, blowing, and PET molds), given the presence of an experienced parts-maker team in this unit, industrial parts are constructed, and plastic injection, PET, and blow molding machines are also overhauled. The technical team also provides consulting services for troubleshooting plastic part production processes.

CNC machinery and equipment

In addition to benefiting from an experienced technical and mold-maker team, investment in in and the use of modern machinery and equipment for mold construction and repairing are among other strengths of Sepehr Plastic Padideh Co. Mold Construction Unit. This allows the provision of all mold construction and repairing services in the Mold Construction Unit. Below, some machinery used in this unit are introduced:

  1. Three-axis CNC milling machine
  2. Lathe machine (small swing)
  3. Lathe machine (large swing)
  4. Spark machine
  5. Column drilling machine
  6. Milling machine
  7. Lang saw